DKARY Fairtrade Woven Bracelets

Beautiful Boho Bracelets

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I am SOOO excited to welcome the DKARY brand of bracelets to the Boho Buffalo collections! So much so I felt it needed a whole blog post to highlight the very special reasons I have chosen to endorse this brand.

Native Fashion

As BB tribe fans will know, Boho Buffalo usually only stocks its own designs, but when I heard about this project and saw the beauty and quality of these stunning creations I felt compelled to collaborate with Isabel, founder of DKARY.

Fairtrade Jewellery

Fairtrade Woven Bracelets

Ethically handmade in the most empoverished villages of Peru, Ethiopia and India, the DKARY brand empowers and educates women of all ages and various degrees of physical disability; by training them to create these highly complex and beautiful designs. 

Fairtrade jewellery

These complex bohobracelets are handwoven with up to 1600 beads!

 Fairtrade Gifts

As someone who use my craft skills to empower me in the darkest of times I am thrilled to be supporting a project that provides emploment and valuable skills to women of all ages.

Fairtrade Friendship Bracelet

The woven bracelets are created on a loom, where tiny 2mm beads are threaded to a corresponding pattern.

Fairtrade beaded bracelet

Safe, Washable Bracelets

At a time when we are all taking precautions to stay safe, the ability to clean jewellery regularly (at high temperature) is a huge advantage. A unique aspect of these bracelets is the option to wash and care for them with ease.

  • They can be washed in soap or 50% chlorox with 50% hot water
  • The colours do not fade
  • Thread does not wear.
  • They are antiallergic
  • They come with a 2 year warranty.


Boho Chic Practicality

Beauty, practicality and heart all come together to create these stunning lightweight pieces that have an adjustable slider cord for comfort!

Boho Chic

These beautiful statement contemporary bracelets are available in 5 sizes so there's an option to suit everyone!

Check out my demo video for a closer look at these beauties!