Crystals for Manifesting

Crystals for Manifesting

Crystals for Manifesting


Words for New Year

Do you have a word that defines your main goal of this year? Maybe you have more than one.

When we start a new year it helps to simplify our desires so they don't become overwhelming! Summarising how you want to feel or what you want to achieve in 1-3 words is a great starting point.


Words for New Year

Top Tip: Use your word/s as a starting point for vision boards!

Vision Board Ideas

Crystals for Manifesting

If you want to supercharge your goals, why not introduce the vibrational power of crystals to support you?

Crystals are prescriptive and have historically been used to help manifest specific energies, outcomes or feelings. You can wear them or meditate with them to attract the energies you desire from the universe. If you are a manifestation addict like me you'll embrace this process and make it a fun ritual!
Crystals for Manifesting
Best Manifesting Crystals
Crystals for Manifesting

Make it a Ritual!

Setting that intention for the year and amplifying this with a carefully chosen crystal and vision board puts a strong signal out to the universe that you are ready to receive. This ritual will also reinforce your commitment to yourself to achieve these goals.

Cystals for Manifesting


Treat the process as an act of self love and a spiritual practice.Take time for you ... reflect, journal, choose your words carefully and then research your crystal.

How do those words make you feel? Uncomfortable...Excited...Curious...Determined? Don't pick what always feels like a safe option - Fear can be a positive indicator of what's right for you!


Next, sit with a cup of cacao or herbal tea and your crystal next to you as you create a vision board of what you want to manifest.

Here's some of my favourite tips:


  • Do this on a NEW MOON or FULL MOON as this is a powerful time for manifestation. The light of the Full Moon charges and cleanses your crystals. New Moon is the perfect time to set new intentions and the Full Moon is for letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • Light a candle, take some deep breaths and feel into those words and what they look like in real life before you create your board.
  • Buy a small crystal nugget that could be glued to your board.
  • Use Pinterest as a tool to find great imagery or to create a digital vision board.
  • Read or listen to 'A Year of Mystical Thinking' by Emma Howarth if you are fascinated by the art or manifestation and rituals.
Vision Board Ideas

For more vision board inspiration check out You Tube. Above:

      Crystal Jewellery

      Keep your chosen crystal close to you want a reminder of your chosen word or when you take time to sit and meditate on those desires. The easiest way to do this is to wear crystal jewellery as you will always have your crystal close.

      Crystals for Manifesting
      A timeless piece like this Moonstone ring could be great choice as an everyday design. (Available in other crystal choices)
      Crystals for Manifestation


      To view a selection of my handmade crystal jewellery, which is categorized under different themes, see the links below:

      My Guide to Crystals:


      I hope you find the PERFECT word for 2022 and that all your hopes and dreams become reality!

      Love & Light, EJ x