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Welcome to Boho Buffalo! You're officially part of the high vibe tribe and there's no going back!

My name is Emma-Jayne and I am a textile designer & jeweller from Cardiff, UK. I have the soul of a bohemian, but come packaged as a cowgirl!

Boho Buffalo was born from wanderlust and a lifelong desire to provide affordable and unconventional accessories for women who are fearless in their approach to style and life in general!
We all love a product that has soul, a story and a feel good factor...which is exactly why I decided to leave a 15 year teaching career to create unique brand of handmade accessories for women that blaze their own trail!

I knew there had to be other women like me out there who embrace their individuality and love to blur the lines between boho and western style.

​My obsession with jewellery began as a child when an eccentric aunt passed away and left me a carrier bag of random jewellery collections from around the world!


Bohemian Fashion UK


After many years of teaching art in secondary schools, I became chronically ill with ME / Fibromyalgia (and still struggle with the condition). As challenging as this was, it brought with it a huge positive - it made me focus on what made my soul shine!

When the illness left me bed bound for days I would transport myself back to some of the most beautiful, diverse places I had been. On good days I would sketch jewellery designs that evoked the essence of that culture / environment and the visual splendor in my head. I also embarked on a spiritual journey that connected me with the power of crystals.

My creations and curated ranges encapsulate the wonder and beauty of an eclectic mix of cultures from spiritual Bali to wild Texas! 

Boho Buffalo has been featured in Tatler and WM magazines as well as radio coverage from BBC2 and continues to supply happy customers across the world! I'm also very proud to be supporting fair trade craft workers by outsourcing to projects in Peru, Ethiopia, Bali, Guatemala and India. My creativity was what gave me hope and focus when I was poorly and so I am thrilled to be collaborating with DKARY who give ethical, skilled employment to women with physical disabilities.

Juggling any chronic illness with running a business is never easy but I hope to be an inspiration to others who find themselves in life changing circumstances.

Thanks for reading! EJ