How to Create Boho Chic Nail Art

How to Create Boho Chic Nail Art

I'm often asked how I create my boho and aztec themed nail art and so I figured, why not write a brief blog to get you inspired and share my secret to these super unique nails!

If you like to stand out, these fun designs will be just the inspiration you need.

MoYou Explorer nail stamping Plate


I have my own UV gel LED lamp at home, which you can buy on amazon from around £60 for a decent one. I went with the MYLEE model, which you can get the full kit with for £99


I generally mix Mylee colours, which is also known as BLUESKY as well as HALO as these have an amazing range of vivid boho colours. These are around £5.50-£7 per bottle. Gel Len is also on ebay and I find it lasts well!

Below: Gel Len Coral colour 



Boho Coral Summer Nails


I simply adore the mix of boho and tribal themed nail art stamp plates that MoYOU London offer.

Once you practice a little its actually quite easy to apply these intricate designs however there are a few key rules to follow so check out the You Tube video guides by MoYou or my demo below.

Key tips for me are- make sure your nail varnish is runny, dont press too hard with the scraper or the stamp and work FAST!

You dont HAVE to have gel polish for this as you can also use the stamps on basic nail varnish. MoYou offer great colours!

The mandala design above comes from the Arabesque range but lets look at some of my most used plates...


More Boho Tribal Patterns from the EXPLORER Plates

MoYou explorer Triabal nail art hot Red


Boho Tribal Nail Art Stamping

Tribal Red & Mint Nail Art Gel


Boho Patterns from the HENNA Plates

These are perfect for holiday of summer style nails!

I like to mix up my colours but keep the palette in harmony.

Henna Lotus Flower Nail Art

Summer Holiday Nail Art Boho Hippie

Turquoise Teal Nail Art Swarovski



I buy my nail art crystals from BLUESTREAK as I LOVE the colour and sparkle of SWAROVSKI flat back crystals! I find other crystals just look cheap. I recommend sizes SS4-SS12 size flat back.

Swarovski Crystal Summer Nail Art

To ADHERE the crystals I ALWAYS use a special UV LAMP setting gel as this means i rarely loose any! It sets super quick in the lamp and is thick so it holds the crystal designs still but then melts flat. Genius! Ive tried a couple but this is the best:



I recently tried a mirror pigment over black varnish and then applied my MoYou pattern in white and it was very striking! I found my mirror powder on amazon.

Mirror Pigment nail powder bronze

Hope that helps you get started - the key is to practice, be playful and have FUN!