Unique Story of my Boho Chic Bags

Unique Story of my Boho Chic Bags

The Unique Story of my Boho Chic Bags

You may have noticed that I've made it my mission recently to support fair trade workers and craft workers in impoverished countries as much as I possibly can! This idea started in one of my favourie places on earth... 

When I was on my travels in Bali, Indonesia last year I discovered a tiny bag shop run by the couple you see in these photos. Welli is the skilled leather craftsman and his wife Keti runs the shop. I was so impressed with the quality of his craftmanship that I asked him if he would produce a few bespoke designs for me.

Fairtrade Gifts

Since then Bali has been hit HARD by Corvid, with their tourism vanishing overnight. The couple have found it extremely hard to support their family and so it's been a pleasure to be able to send some new designs to them for production. They are so very grateful! The pieces are all made with genuine leather and suede with intricate detailing that makes them such a beautiful statement piece.

Bohemian style clothing


Like many creatives Welli has his quirks... he feels most at home
working on the floor in his cowboy hat! He handstitches and imprints
every detail of the focal point of the bag before constructing all the
zips, pockets and fringing on the machine. His attention to detail is
ASTOUNDING and so I just had to introduce you to him! He brings our
designs to life in a way I never could.

Hand-made bohemian

It's all about the BOHO FRINGE!

These gorgeous hand-made bohemian bags are perfect for those free spirited personalities that love a statement piece. It's all about the fringe with boho chic - the movement and the playful vibe of those swaying tassels!

Boho Buffalo also puts equal importance on the practicality of every creation. Each design is made with quality leather cow hide or suede and has internal pockets and zips for all those essentials! The bags are fully lined with soft suede and the straps are adjustable for cross body or over the shoulder wear.

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